Android Apps Development

Android Application Development

Offers Google Android apps design, Custom Android application development services.

Google has not changed its policy of providing open source software to all users over the years and its entry into mobile market is no different. While other service providers have tried to confine their clients from shifting, using locked sims and contracts, Android-enabled handsets have a bright future and its open source origins reflect that Android Apps Development too will thrive as developers can easily establish new software to address specific needs.

Apart from developing new games and providing its users several services offered by Google, Android Apps Development has the potential to burst into specialized business development market as Fusion Informatics can now provide cost-effective software and a wide range of services at affordable rates to their clients. This may coerce many clients to shift from other platforms to Android just as many shifted when Google walked into the search engine market and virtually steamrolled it. Fusion Informatics has embarked executing projects on android app development platform since they are assured that soon newer versions would be introduced and this would fix up any bugs that may crop up during the development process.


Our Offerings for Android OS Development is:-

  • E-learning Application
  • Enteprise Mobility
  • E-commerce Application
  • Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Entertainment
  • Social Community Application
  • Travel Planner Application
  • Event Application
  • Home Security Application